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MDP Post-Graduate Thesis Fellowship, 2011

Project Site: http://daniellara.com/sitdown


The desktop metaphor has been used to establish our relationship with the ordinary computer and it has carried strong implications, such as the definition of the workspace, the body physical posture during the day, and the mouse as a pervasive pointer.

One of the open paths of inquiry triggered by my thesis project “Body 2.0”, is precisely what could be the evolution of the desktop model in a future where people are fully immersed in a networked world. As a way to look for innovation, I consciously stepped away from the affordances of interactive tables and touch screens and put the control of the devices in fictional digit-implants.  What remain was a new relationship with the chair:

Can the interactivity of the mouse/keyboard/table be translated or transposed to the chair?Could it offer new possibilities to the desktop model?
Could we include different parts of our body while using the computer instead of just the wrists and fingers?

a-Non_Existent_Chair_web a-Sand_Stool_001_web p-Constant_Sitting_Chair_web