→ Multiple Futures

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At the Media Design Program colloquium, in the context of HCI and Sci-fi, Julian Bleecker mention the idea of diversified futures, as a challenge to the idea of a single, big, collective future where all humanity should go.

Next Monday, I asked Norman Klein to talk about this idea and he started by mentioning Darwin as a unifying path for all humanity. Since there is one evolutionary line, Darwin’s path is closer to a pantheistic point of view, and to globalism (aiming to ONE thing).

In contrast, there are/were polytheistic societies (like India, or the Aztecs). That made me think that societies have their own visions and fantasies of the future and that the future is non-homogeneous.  If we add that globalism is fractured, then the idea of multiple futures becomes very tangible.

Norman then mentioned the inevitable presence of a “master plan”, (governments, global economics…) and how in many cases suppresses the local interests, or in this case, the multiple futures. The ideal case would be that the initiatives from the local would work with the interests of the global, but that is the same that having all the multiple futures aligned in ONE future.

This made me think of overlapping futures (making a common one) but  leaving room for the local interests and pursuits.  I am aware that the idea of local and global is nothing new (it almost seems unavoidable), but this model seems to help me in thinking and imagining possibilities for collaborations in macro scales.