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Borges Labyrinth - Daniel Lara

For this project I chose the whole text in Jorge Luis Borges “Labyrinths” and I was curious to find out which words were the most frequent and from those which ones where meaningful to me. After running the text through HyperPo I distilled the following list which I consider to be words that have a special meaning for Borges (The numbers are the number of frequencies.):

i     677
man     120
time     99
men     67
world     63
secret     62
now     61
book     55
day     50
years     49
night     48
books     47
thought     45
possibility    11
space    10
mother    10

woman    6
women    2

I then marked with XML the minimum amount of text that could be a phrase around each word. I wanted to be able to “see” all the contexts of each word as a whole.  For example:

… He was seeking a soul worthy of participating in the universe….

I resorted to having two lists: One with all the phrases where “space” or “time” are mentioned, and another one with all the phrases where “universe” or “world” are mentioned. Every time you would land on a square you would have a phrase displayed, creating a new mode of reading the original text.